Guard Against the Unexpected

Protect you and your loved ones against critical illness and unexpected life events

Why choose us

Keep your income intact while you are sick to give you and your loved ones the protection they deserve


Multiple Protection

Enjoy illness protection of any stage up to 3x 


$300K Coverage

Receive $100k for each payout, up till $300k coverage


Retrenchment Protection

Enjoy 50% premium payout if you suffer from retrenchment



Enjoy premium waiver upon claims


Controlled Drug List

Use the payouts received to get access to drugs beyond the MOH-issued drug list should your body react better to those out-of-list drugs

How Does It Work

Guard against the rising cost of healthcare

Increase in healthcare cost for the past 20 years
0 %
Singaporeans are diagnosed with cancer
0 /3
of Singaporeans are under-insured
0 %

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